Fishing Charter in Fort Lauderdale

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Enjoy South Florida’s pure tropical sunshine, remarkable blue skies and warm Caribbean waters are what we’re known for the world over! We’re proud of that natural heritage, but there’s so much more to North Beach Village and Greater Fort Lauderdale for adventurers to marvel at and do! Here’s a quick guide to bookmark with some useful tips, insights and links for an optimal vacation:

Fishing Charter in Fort Lauderdale

FISHING – Rent a Boat or Charter an Unforgettable Deep-Sea Adventure

Fort Lauderdale’s salt and fresh water fishing is world-class with hundreds of various, edible fish to catch. Florida’s sunny weather will ensure that you have a good time, whether you’re on a rented boat or an experienced deep sea fishing guide.

Most captains respect ‘catch and release’ styles of fishing, and will help you with catching, releasing, or cleaning+keeping legal-sized fish. Try to plan ahead and make arrangements as soon as possible to ensure a specific date, though boats and chartered fishing vessels will be available if you decide to go fishing on a whim.


Get a guide and hook a mighty Tarpon this winter to really understand what’s meant by, ‘the fish put up a good fight.’ These primitive and beautiful fish will almost always break the surface, flying out of the water acrobatically while trying to shake off a hook! Of course, if you’re looking for edible fish this winter, look for Yellowtail Snapper, Mahi Mahi, Black Fin Tuna and Grouper.


In the springtime – focus on Snook or Mutton Snapper, King Mackerel, Amberjack, and Cobia. Snook are often considered one of the best tasting fish in our waters with a unique flavor and superb texture. Snook are Florida sports fish and cannot be bought legally or in a restaurant. Snook are definitely worth all of the effort involved in fighting and skinning. Try it steamed in a banana leaf with a slice of onion and tomato, a little fresh jalapeno, cilantro and salt. Wrap the leaf, steam and then eat. Yum!


If you’ve arrived in the summer – there’s plenty of exhilaration to be had catching White Marlin, Skipjack Tuna, Blue Marlin and Wahoo. Even Barracuda, which can be caught year-round off of Florida, are bountiful, feisty and electrifying to catch! Bring lots of fluids, a hat and let your quest begin!


Bonita, Mahi Mahi, Yellowtail Snapper, Kingfish and some sharks are available for the fall season. Catching a shark with an experienced guide is always a memorable thrill! To actually touch a live shark and feel their strength and unique skin, while looking into their catlike eyes will give you a new appreciation for these magnificent, primitive creatures. You’ll thoroughly enjoy catching one and letting it go.

Freshwater Fishing – Year Round

If you’re interested in freshwater fish, there are a tremendous amount of lakes, including the Everglades – Largemouth Bass is our #1 game fish! They can put up a great fight (especially if you use light tackle). They often jump out of the water and they taste great with a white, flaky meat. You may find yourself catching a good 4-pound Bass with just a rubber worm or you may hook onto a 12-pound lunker hunting with live-bait like shiners! Going with a guide or with good local advice always helps!